Society for Science & the Public (SSP), is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of science, through its science education programs and publications. its Headquartered in Washington, D.C. the organization works primarily to recruit more pre-college students to pursue science, math, and engineering fields in college.

SSP have 3 different sites : Called as science news, society for science, science news 4 kids

SSP was looking for an integrated content and community management system to re-launch of the Science News publication, and to support for future integration with the Society. By developing new platforms for 3 sites, It will provide the foundation for the future phases.


  • Creation of Multisite architecture for 3 sites and each one’s database would be different and No confliction among of data and     content would come while storing in db.
  • Open source Drupal based publishing platform “Open Publish” It helped in creating news or other content that is transparent to the readers. Readers can contribute a story and see it instantly appear in the pool of stories publicly available. Readers can see editorial decisions being made by others. They can see how to get involved and help make editorial decisions.
  • Implemented Single sign on this site to bring its users on Blackbaud NetCommunity – most powerful online marketing and fundraising solution for nonprofits. The purpose was to have a users account on NetCommunity from where they could redirect them to this site. The challenge faced here was – users should only sign up on the Blackbaud NetCommunity and when coming on this site, the account should be created on the this site based on the information on Blackbaud NetCommunity.
  • Ebizon Migrated all old content and data of 3 different sites on newly developed sites.
  • Ebizon also designed a powerful and user friendly management interface for the admin to manage the news and publishing articles & Editorial in the system.


With the vision to re-launch 3 website of SSP, Ebizon re-structured & re-developed 3 websites and migrate them from a Legacy CMS to Drupal CMS.

  • Taking backup of old data & Migrate them on new structure: These sites were developed  very old fashionedly with using legacy CMS, which didn’t structured the information and data on it correct way. Ebizon’s important task was to take the backup of all files and data in a format to restore back on new websites.
  • Defining Multi-site architecture: Creating a multisite architecture for 3 different sites were a challenging task, in which we had to create db tables of 3 sites and taking in to consideration that table are not share or data should not go into other db. Defining data transparency was important
  • Challenge in Theming of website: Creating different Omega subtheme for each site
  • Defining Integration points &  Modules : Setting up of “Open Publish” module with 10,000 other contrib. modules of Drupal. It took a lot of time to define all integration points for different module and corresponding contrib. module where we could implement a functionality.



The new website now includes sections where budding young scientist can have information on elite educational competitions, connect scientific research to classroom learning, inspire and reward young scientists.

It is providing global digital recognition to 32.5 million young budding scientists every year dedicated to promotion of science. It is a premier global science competition platform for students in grades 9-12.

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