Marideal PWA Implementation Case Study

The Client: is an online service company which was launched in 2013. Marideal is the first portal in Mauritius offering last minute deals exclusively for Mauritian Citizens and Residents. As a local marketplace, MariDeal provides one with geo based real-time recommendations for great deals.

Being the No.1 last minute deal portal in Mauritius, they endeavor to help local businesses grow by connecting them to thousands of new customers and the Mauritian members the opportunity to search, save and enjoy the best local experiences at unmatched prices.

The Challenge:

Being a service company in the travel and hospitality industry, the company was facing a lot of challenges in scaling up and bringing more people onboard. The most significant challenges identified were

  • Increase Customer Acquisition on Mobile: With mobile contributing more than 60% of the traffic – most of the sales were happening through the desktop.
  • Delayed page response on mobile: Although the website was accessible on mobile with the standard browsers, the page response was very slow. Due to every second of delay in page response, the conversion rate for the website used to drop by as much as 40%.
    According to a research, every second delay in page response can lead to 16% deduction in customer satisfaction level.
  • High App Download & Customer Retention Cost

Offline Functionality: Existing website and mobile apps were not accessible to users in the low networks area.


Based on our initial fact finding discussion and the analysis of traffic as well as bounce rate on different devices, we understood that to build a larger community and create a buzz around the organization, it required building a simplistic experience for Marideal’ mobile users .

This culminated into building a Progressive Web App(PWA), whose features seemed to be perfect for​ their needs. It provided a solution that would empower the company with push​ notifications, ​offline mode,​ and ​home screen shortcuts​. Also​ the accessibility​ to this app can happen ​through a standard mobile browser​.​ Overall, there were 4 factors that helped finalize building a PWA for Marideal:

  1. Reliability — Even with a slow internet or a poor network, PWAs never register downtime. (In fact, they even work offline!)
  2. Speed — Everything from instant loading to quick response, PWAs accomplish in a heartbeat. The secret to the impressive speed and reliability of PWAs is the presence of service workers.
  3. Engagement — PWAs are capable of delivering an immersive experience. This is in part due to their full screen capabilities as well as easy access (thanks to the Add to Home Screen option) and push notification feature. All of these combined, serve as great engagement and re-engagement tools.
  4. Conversion — With great reliability, speed and customer engagement, comes great customer conversion. Once customers find your app (or website, for that matter) hassle-free and worthy of their time, they will come back for more.

The PWA:

“Responsive, connectivity-independent, app-like, fresh, safe, discoverable, re-engageable, installable, linkable web experiences.”

In other words, it is everything a traditional app is but at the same time, does everything in the most non-app like manner. If you are seeking a proper definition, PWAs are single page applications that are progressively enhanced with features that bring about a more immersive, native app like experience.
One of the main reasons behind the recent surge in popularity of PWAs is their ability to perform equally well across devices and platforms.

The Architecture:


Result – How PWA Helped Marideal:

  • 40% Improvement in Mobile Conversion rates: With great reliability, speed and customer engagement, there was a 40% surge in mobile conversion rates. The improved organic scores and smooth checkout process also helped a lot in getting higher conversion rates but overall the web app made sure that the interested users were able to make faster transactions.
  • Reduced Bounce rate: The PWA was capable of delivering an immersive experience to Marideal users. Before the development of PWA, the company used to get almost 60-70% bounce rate as far as the mobile visitors were concerned. This was due to slow performance and caching issues for the mobile site. With the PWA implementation, we were able to bring down the bounce rate from 60% to 45% over a period of 3 months.
  • 80% Increase in Customer Engagement – Increased customer session time and more goal completion like Create Account, Add to cart etc.

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