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Software Success Cycle Scrum Process

Scrum models allow projects to progress via a series of iterations called agile sprints. Each sprint is typically two to four weeks, and sprint planning in the agile methodology and Scrum process is essential.

How It Works?

Agile Sprint

The main activity of Scrum project management is agile sprint. The agile methodology and Scrum process is iterative and incremental, so the project is split into a series of consecutive sprints. A sprint is usually between one week and a calendar month. During this time, the Scrum team (product holder, development team, scrum master, managers and stakeholders) does everything to take a small set of features from idea to coded and tested functionality.

Sprint Review

At the end of a Scrum sprint, the team conducts a sprint review. During the sprint review, the team demonstrates the functionality added during the sprint. The goal of this meeting is to get feedback from the product owner or any user or other stakeholders who have been invited to the review. This feedback may result in changes to the freshly delivered functionality. But it may just as likely result in revising or adding items to the Scrum product backlog.


Another activity performed at the end of each sprint is the sprint retrospective. This is usually the last thing done in a sprint. Although there are many ways to conduct an agile sprint retrospective, our recommendation is to conduct it as a start-stop-continue meeting. The whole team participates in this meeting, including the ScrumMaster and product owner. The meeting is an opportunity to reflect on the sprint that is ending and identify opportunities to improve on the newsprint.                 

Benefits Of Scrum Project Management

Scrum project management is a key to achieving better governance, transparency and coordination between multiple teams and stakeholders.

It also enables the client to streamline project administration and significantly reduces the cost of managing offshore suppliers.

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