Drupal 6 Performance Optimization Techniques

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Go to Drupal.org and read. The page states it as an Open Source CMS (Content Management System), but it is much more than that. We look at it as a framework. I assure you if you are still looking for a powerful, flexible system: Drupal is the one witthout doubt. But, like everything else in the world, great things come with some bad and ugly in it, Drupal has its weakness.


Drupal stregth is ease of development, extensibility through modules and low cost. It’s downside is that it requires more CPU and RAM than other CMSs. It is both resource intensive and database intensive.

We have certain optimization techniques and tools for Drupal, but that sometimes comes at hardware cost with Drupal. Drupal hook based architecture inherently makes the Drupal site slow. So what are the optimization techniques?


MEMCACHE (http://memcached.org/):

Drupal has a nice module that integrates with Memcache. http://drupal.org/project/memcache. You would need to install memcache on your server and then install memcache.


Importance of APC/Eaccelerator can not be emphasised enough for a Drupal system. It greatly reduces apache memory size. Benchmarks are everywhere on the internet. I will be soon posting my benchmarks too to show the improvements.

I have typically used APC for its ease of installation.


CSS and JS compression needs to be enabled for YSlow to love your Drupal system.


I love this tool. The effects are instantaneous and is a breeze to install. I always wanted to write an out-of-the box module for this, but the direct install is still more simple.



This nice Drupal module is a saviour if you have lot of anonymous traffic on your site. It behaves like a reverse proxy where it caches static pages as html and delivers them.
Am I forgetting anything above? Do you use Squid? How about Authcache? How is the experience?

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