Conversion Rate Optimization

Why spend thousands of dollars on traffics that
doesn’t convert when you can have EBIZON deliver to you integrated,
partner-level conversion rate optimization solutions to maximize your
online sales for less than it cost you to hire an in-house expert?

EBIZON team will build a custom conversion optimization strategy to convert every
visitor to lead and from lead to loyal and paying customers.

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Elements of Conversion Rate Optimization


Holistic Research

Our team of experts will perform both quantitative and qualitative analysis on your website, funnels, data and traffic to ascertain:

  • Those things that catch your visitors attention
  • What your visitors are ignoring
  • Where your visitors are falling off to discover the key things meant to give them the biggest lift in their business.

Conversion Copywriting

No matter how good your offer is, if your sales copies (Sales letter, Ad copies, email copies etc.) sucks, then you will make little or no sales. But if you have a good offer and highly converting sales copies, then making 6 figures becomes a breeze. Our team of expert copywriters will perfectly craft superb and highly converting sales copies that are sure to skyrocket your sales volume.

Custom Design

You will get wireframe custom conversion centred designs from start to finish from our expert UX/UI designers and conversion strategists. No templates will be used. This is a vital step to the success of an experiment idea and concept.

Reporting And Results

We carefully watch for trends in the test data, in your analytics and in heatmap software to ensure the data is accurate. We report every result to you and also study them it to see if the experiment was a winner or loser. This will be used for references for future tests.


We serve both B2B and B2C businesses ranging from SME’s to multi-national companies. Our experience cuts across multiple industries ranging from health and wellness, subscription products, lead generation, clothing and accessories, beauty, SaaS, food products and subscription products. We help you to better connect with your audience and improve conversion; reduce acquisition cost, and overall better engagement.


There are several reasons you should give more attention to conversion
rate optimization in your business over conversion optimization for SEO. It helps you:

  • Take advantage of existing traffic without spending a dime on Ads
  • Build more trust among your audience.
  • Generate more revenue that you can inject back into the business
  • Steal more customers from your competitors
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost
  • Better understand your customers’ wants and needs
  • Build repeat business and customer retention.
  • Boost brand perception.


Over the years, we have helped hundreds of our clients add tens of millions of dollars in revenues through our strategic conversion optimization and traffic management solutions. And it’s now your turn to enjoy this insane conversion that others are enjoying.

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Let us help you seamlessly convert your website visitors to paying customers and skyrocket your sales volume.

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