Our Leadership

Sudeep Goyal

As President & CEO, Sudeep Goyal maintains oversight of Ebizon′s organizational health, with a particular emphasis on relationship cultivation, and talent development. As a web entrepreneur, he co-founded couple of technology start-ups earlier. Sudeep holds a Masters & Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. In the past, he has also worked with the leading Internet advertising company, TribalFusion.

Alan Jacobson
Director of Client Services

Alan Jacobson has served publishers for 39 years. His clients include Google, AOL, AARP, Pew Charitable Trusts, University of Virginia, University of Nevada, Liberty University, Human Rights Watch, U.S. Department of Defense, History Channel, Associated Press, Pulitzer, Hearst, New York Times Company, Washington Post Company. He is the founder TweenTribune.com, a news-based website and a suite of apps used by more than 2 million registered teachers and students. He monetized TweenTribune with an advertising-supported business model unique to the education space.

Vibhav Gaur

Vibhav Gaur plays a key role in empowering Ebizon retail clients to catalyze Mcommerce & other Futuristic technologies as their #1 competitive advantage. An IT engineer with a masters in International Business from the University Business School, he has more than a decade of experience in the software industry with companies like Infosys and CSC primarily on the business side. He began his entrepreneurial journey in 2012 with a venture into Adventure Tourism and eventually steered towards Mcommerce & Analytics with Ebizon.

VP of Internet Strategy & Open Source

With an impressive background in project management, Priyanka has worked and managed teams across the world. She skillfully ensures that clients’ objectives are met as she oversees Ebizon's web development engagements. Priyanka has been instrumental with success of many outsourcing projects.In 2010, Priyanka was invited by Drupal4Design Camp held at MIT, Boston to present Case Study on "Scaling Drupal with Confidence"

James Patterson
Creative Director

As an Art Director, James is responsible for the design, GUI, for a range of Ebizon customers. The depth and fineness in his work can be seen at Global Intel education orientated social websites adhering to Intel Style Guidelines. He has been in Industry for over 18 years as a graphic artist, animator, and UI designer of award-winning games for various emerging mobile and casual gaming markets and platforms.

Board of Advisors

Umesh Bellur
Professor, Department of Computer Science

B.E. in Electronics Engineering, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India, 1989, Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Syracuse University, Syracuse N.Y., 1994. After graduation,he went to work in the industry where he helped establish distributed object standards such as CORBA with OMG and J2EE with JCP. He worked for over 10 years at Oracle Corporation, Teknekron Communication Systems and Covad communications after which he helped found a startup in Silicon Valley called Collation Inc. in 2001 that was acquired by IBM in 2005

Vijay Krishnan
Founder, Infoaxe Inc

Vijay Krishnan received his Masters in Computer Science at Stanford University where his research focused on Data/Text/Web Mining, Machine Learning and Web Search. At Stanford, Vijay worked on applying Machine Learning to the problem of Named Entity Recognition, which is an important problem in Information Retrieval and Extraction. He has worked with Yahoo in the past and is now a founder of silicon valley company, Infoaxe.

Apoorva Singh
Co-founder & Director, Seeknet Technologies

Apoorva is advising Ebizon Netinfo on business strategy and vision. Apoorva was a cofounder-director at Seeknet technologies, a company acquired by Tribal Fusion in 2005. At Tribal Fusion, Apoorva served as technology architect until 2007. Apoorva is a 2001 graduate of IIT Delhi and also has an MBA from Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley where he has founded an exciting mobile startup called Spidr.