Marketing Operations

In the vast ocean of Digital Marketing, varied technologies and multifarious channels are truly overpowering. What matters most is the creation and placement of high quality digital content.

Data analytics to identify success areas

We use intensive data analytics to identify areas where retailer has a higher probability of success than competition and concentrate our effort to yield better return on investment.

Targeted advertising campaigns

Performance Marketing

Creation of content and creative

Our Marketing Operation Capabilities

Digital Asset Management

 Each day huge pool of information (content, images), is being produced. Our Data Asset Management solution will help you organise assets & reuse them across geographies with proper control.

OmniChannel Advertising

Our display and mobile advertising solutions use intelligent tools to help retailers reach focus audience, retarget prospects and engage existing customers.

We at Ebizon start with understanding your business objectives and custom weave a marketing strategy for the identified channels.

Implementation of right fit DAM

Why Marketing Operations

Strategic Marketing Operations

We help you produce and organise data at large scale. Leverage our expertise for:

Google Partner

Ebizon’s Marketing Operations are designed to help retail businesses produce and organize quality data at a large scale. The solutions are tailor-made to meet specific business objectives and help make the most of produced data by increasing accessibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

Business Benefits

Impulsive VS Planned Purchase

Be it the impulsive buyers who add some more items quickly before check-out or the planned buyers who like to take their own sweet time to decide, as a retailer we need to make sure we are available with right offers and products when needed. Omnichannel marketing with a dash of remarketing does the exact same.

Presently as a google partner, we handle AdWords Campaigns for over more than 50 clients across various countries like United States, Canada and more. At Ebizon, we are having a team expertise in Google Search, Google Display Advertising and YouTube Video Advertising.

"It’s been a wonderful experience working Ebizon. The key fact that appealed to me was the collaborative approach of the team. I would strongly recommend Ebizon as one of the leading IT Company in the space."

Alok Gupta, World Resource Institute

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