Ebizon helps customers in the publishing industry to build softwares that meet their business needs.

E-publishing Services 

Save Costs by 66% with the Experts

The London Paper switched to Open Source based CMS - Drupal as part of an overhaul of its web site, and has cut costs by 66 percent, reports Computerworld U.K

Recently, Ebizon helped one of the largest publishers in the world deploy an intranet solution and their website with open source CMS that cut the losses and saved cost by 38%.

Publishers can improve their reach or streamline their operations with the software products like content management systems, webapps and mobile apps. 

We do this with our repeatable scrum process. We completely comprehend how technology impacts your overall content supply chain. Our expertise with a broad spectrum of solutions and systems empower us to achieve higher success rates that render significant cost savings for our clients.

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