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So, you are a non-profit organization working to spread goodness and make the world a better place?

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Cutting- Edge Solutions that Help Non-Profits to Spread Goodness Effectively

Since 2007 Ebizon has had the privilege of helping dozens of non-profit organizations with web and digital solutions. Our unprecedented expertise in the field of web solutions for non-profits has provided us with an impeccable track-record. Our non-profit clients gain a lot more than just programming and appealing designs, when you partner with Ebizon we bring an experienced team, who think out- of -the -box and understands your goals and problems. We can help you design and develop a winning and engaging website for your non-profit cause. Our non-profit web development services have aided numerous non-profit organizations in developing gigantically interactive websites. 

Furthermore, over the years we have identified the most efficient and effective methods to help non-profit organizations to communicate, endorse and market their message. Our 3 key tools facilitate non-profits to better maneuver donors, beneficiaries, supporters and volunteers for the good cause. Ebizon gives you the power to spend your time spreading more goodness around. 


Following are our three major tools to assist non-profits communicate, manage data and raise funds

Up-to-Date Website

Websites are a vital link between non-profits and their donors, beneficiaries and volunteers.  An engaging, up-to-date site is essential to transform target audiences’ fading curiosity into keen interest. Your website builds the relationships mandatory to capture lifelong advocates.

At Ebizon we know how important it is for non-profits to have an impactful web presence, which indeed can only be achieved through an impactful website. And at Ebizon we weave nothing but IMPACTFUL websites that are user-friendly, feature ideal fonts and easily navigable. We believe that a successful website for a non-profit organization must be able to increase awareness about your services and causes, evoke empathy and sympathy among the website visitors and move them to action. Throughout the years, websites designed and developed by Ebizon have helped many renowned organizations in their fund-raising and marketing efforts.  We can help you too.

 We design and develop affordable custom websites. Our non-profits web design services are directed to help your organization make the best and lasting impression on your clients and thus enhance your non-profit’s visibility in the online space, target audience and donations.

Non-profit organizations can administer their website “in-house.”  No, you would not be required to do coding, since Ebizon Content Management System is reliable software and very user-amiable that provides you with total control of your new website.  With our CMS it is easy to create, update and delete virtually any part of the website (news, photos, events and content). 

Features Available

  • Custom design
  • News manager
  • Polling
  • Image/Photo gallery
  • User authenticated pages
  • Online forms system
  • Calendar
  • Memberships
  • Video-player – embedded videos
  • Create, amend and delete content
  • Integrated, online donation system
  • Site search
  • SEO ready
  • And much more….


Ebizon is a web designing and development company committed to non-profits. Our dedicated team of expert specializes in non-profit web design, development, CMS and email marketing solutions. Our Expertise, Experience and Efficiency in delivering world-class design and development services has made us as one of the most trusted web design & development companies for non-profits.

We look forward to providing your organization with innovatively and technically sound web design solutions.

Smart Fundraising Software

Acquire supporters, upgrade hours, boost retention and improve fundraising effectiveness. With our smart fundraising software, you get all the fundraising and donor management capabilities you require for connecting with the constituents and raise money.

Ebizon award-winning fundraising software helps your organizations in appealing to donors by providing you the software vital to convey:

Most non-profits do not have the resources or time to build fundraising software from “scratch.” Ebizon has made it simple to initiate an online fundraising campaign – one that has been tested, customized and proven for your organization.

Capture and cease donor information online in order to communicate regularly with your supporters and to nurture mutually –beneficial relationships. Ebizon fundraising software facilitates you to instantly post donation pages and send email correspondence. This solution is set to support an e-store, receive funds, mail postcards and much more. 

Furthermore, our fundraising software constantly improves your online fundraising campaigns via allowing you to:

  • Track how many people click- through to donation links within emails
  • Track how many people click- through to donation pages featured on the website
  • Assess donor behavior and giving trends
  • Ascertain what motivates each of your donors


We help you harness the power of the web.  We provide strategy and campaign management consulting to aid you define your online fundraising plans, stipulate goals, execute online campaigns and interpret results.

Email Marketing:

As per the reports of the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing generated a ROI that outplayed all other direct marketing channels examined. With Ebizon's email solutions, non-profits can use email marketing to their full potential. Ebizon is recognized as one of the leading non-profit email marketing service provider.

Our email solutions help you to speedily communicate news, e-cards, newsletters and emails. With our email-marketing solutions, it is extremely easy to create newsletters, which represent your cause and impress the audience. Within fraction of seconds you reach out to new and existing audience, encouraging them to support the cause.  Volunteers and donors feel involved, inspired and connected about your good cause.

With our custom designed and personalized interactive emails, a non-profit organization is sure to witness improved response rate and commitments towards your cause.  Ur team of professionals know that you are interested in multiplying awareness, increasing volunteer participation and  cultivating long-term relationships – not spamming. 

Our Email Marketing Solutions include

  • Optimized email delivery along with spam testing
  • Ability to send news, newsletters, e-cards and emails
  • The ability to amplify response rate 
  • Ability to configure multiple emails to multiple audiences in a single campaign
  • ROI and conversion rate tracking


Where you may see challenges – proliferation of communication channels, a peak season taxing your team, a fatigued email file and fundraising goals – Ebizon NetInfo sees opportunities. We help you build, improve and sustain your relationships with constituents so that you derive the most out of every single interaction. You will achieve more in less time and will be able to do even more for you good cause.

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