Digital Badging


A New Online Standard by Mozilla to Recognize & Certify Skills, Affiliations, Experiences, Roles and Achievements

Open Badging infrastructure is developed by Mozilla and Ebizon provide beyond brilliance deployment and commercial support around it. We have developed an open source Drupal based distribution OBI distribution to issue and display your badges here

The potential of digital badges is being explored not only by agile, technology-based (and hosted) communities such as StackOverflow, Khan Academy and various social media (e.g. FourSquare) but also in more traditional contexts such as the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the U. S. Department of Education and the New York State Department of Education (through Badgestack). In addition, the Smithsonian Institutions, Microsoft, Intel as well as entire school districts (e.g. School District of Philadelphia and Adams County School District 50) are implementing digital badgeprojects.


Plan, Draft, Award and Earn Badges

Disintermediation rolls on. In the arena of education, the next target is certifications, diplomas and other ‘official’ records of learning, knowledge and skills achievement. Learning is omnipresent; it takes place everywhere, round the clock and not merely in traditional settings (training classes and schools) at times stipulated by conventional providers (educational institutions/employers). The major challenge is to credential this never-ending learning and to make these credentials portable and available.

Ebizon works toward widespread recognition of a credentialing system, which utilizes badges from providers, are awarded directly to the learners, displayed and maintained by learners, independent of employers and are publically available.

With new standards and programs emerging, digital badges help students prove what all they have learned in and outside. Ebizon specializes in Open Digital Badging services. We at Ebizon, help organizations build badges, create digital portfolios, access and identify new skills. 

Ebizon's Strategy

 Ebizon has left no stone unturned to explore how digital media is revolutionizing the way young people learn, participate, play and socialize in the civic life. The objective is to make education massively powerful for all students via creating more prospects for youth to engage in learning, which is pertinent to their lives and prepares them for nothing else but success in school, community and workplace. 

We strongly believe that the world is in the midst of a reinvention of how learning is created, accessed, organized and shared that has great implications for institutions of learning – universities, libraries, schools, museums and more. Digital media renders the promise of new learning process that nurtures and acknowledges individual talent, interest and skills. Open digital badging initiative in digital media and e-learning strives to drive positive change in education  that builds on innovative modes of learning observed among students and young people using digital media. 

Features of Ebizon's Digital Badging

Verify and Recognize Learning

  • Free and Open Source
  • OBI Compliant 
  • Full of information
  • Take them Everywhere ( job sites, websites, social networking profiles and more)


The aim of our Digital badges is to offer a visual demonstration of achievements in order to enhance accomplishments in the eyes of both college admission offices and students.  OUR “Open Badges” use Achievement module and flaunts its own identity UI to manage achievements as an entity.  It comes with 3 entity types:

Badges : This entity type renders an interface to create badges. Adding fields provides it a dynamic data model
Issuer : This entity type renders UI interface for admins to describe issuer information
User group : This entity type renders UI interface for users to manage their badges in the backpack
Our badges provide all features of a badging system. It facilitates badge management at issuer/creator level as well as at receiver/earner level.