Customer Support


Excellent customer service can result in repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. A 2011 American Express survey found that 70 percent of customers are willing to spend 13 percent more on average with companies they believe provide exceptional customer service. When you make a conscious effort to impress your customers, you create the kind of reputation that promotes word-of-mouth referrals and upsell opportunities.

Ebizon is perfectly poised to help you handle your customer support operations is the most efficient manner. Be it understanding the customer better (through multimodal & multi-lingual support) or optimizing available data to meet customers’ needs, our integrated customer support operations can truly help you improve customer experience for acquisition & loyalty.

Our Solutions

1. Multi Lingual support: Whether your company is a multinational media giant or a global hi-tech service provider, Ebizon can give your support staff the freedom to view the help desk in the language of their choice.

Provide hassle-free customer support in the language that suits your work best.

With Ebizon, overcome language compatibility issues and deliver hassle-free multilingual customer service.

2. Multimodal service: As we leaps into Digital age customers experience multichannel retailing, with increase in their expectation in regards to the customer support operation.

In a bid to be ubiquitous, eRetailers are simply present on chat, email, phone & social media, but without context these interactions mean nothing. With our multimodal customer support solutions, we not only cover all customer service touchpoints, but ensure they are complete, consistent and coherent.

3. Tight Integration: We as the India’s fastest growing digital platform provider have worked with world’s leading eRetailers with Merchandising Solutions and India’s top brands with Omni-channel Technology, we’ve the capabilities to offer tightly-integrated customer support.

Our deep domain expertise in eRetail helps us understand the challenges & the most-effective customer eCommerce customer support strategies to deal with them.

4. Real time monitoring & Analytics: Today in the Digital age with petabytes of data available Data analytics has played a huge role in the success of eCommerce, and it’s no surprise that it drives our customer support solutions too as we empower service agents with customer journeys to help personalize the interaction and gain feedback.

This ensures improvements in customer satisfaction & cost efficiency of the customer support operations.